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Up to 14 people


5 hours

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Anyone can call a cab or taxi... sure, you can ride a bus... We've heard the police offer free rides downtown...

-OR- You'll want to get TRAMsportation because...

...Sara has made it her personal mission to protect people on the roads. After going through a near-death motorcycle accident in 2015, Sara has set her sites on making sure getting around the city for leisure is both fun and safe. Sara and the JAM Tram has dreams to build a fleet of leisure vehicles that are so cost effective, it just makes sense!

After being Nominated by Echo Magazine in 2017, Sara knew the social impact was beginning to happen within the LGBTQ Community and has since been elected onto the Community Police Outreach. Sara works with several teams to positively impact the community, including Southwest Center for HIV Awareness / IGNITE Your Status, Ability 360, Phoenix Better Human Community Team and more.

"If I could change the world, I'd make having fun an easy situation"


Captain of the JAM Tram

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678.8AZ.JAM8 (678.829.5268)

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