History of The JAM Tram

It ALL started in 2011, in what was once known as the Tuesday Trolley, gliding down the Metro Phoenix streets, carrying upwards of 30 people at once! But due to poor management, the Trolley changed hands in 2015. Sara, the proud new owner, made some very substantial changes to the new JAM TRAM.

Dazzling looks aside, the purpose shifted from "getting loaded with friends" to "Celebrate life and party SAFE!"

The Short Story

The idea here is to create an environment that allows for people to celebrate life, with safety as the first priority. All too often, party-goers return to their vehicles and drive. It's not uncommon to think, "I just had one or two....." or "I drive better this way!"

Johnny Law, sees this very differently. In unfortunate cases, where accidents happen, this changes life, extremely, for anyone involved.

Don't be a statistic... #PartySAFE!


Fabulous Feedback - 5 STARS!

Just three of many nice comments. Thank you, Phoenix!

"Sara is so awesome and​

   the Jam Tram

      is definitely

the way to show up!

  So much fun!"

-Kristin Dodge

     "I bumped into this bus

    playing loud music and a whole bunch
of flashing lights...the driver was a

 happy-go-lucky cool chick

        and was like

      "welcome aboard"

  I was like....
what better way to end the night"

-Dimpz Buddalover

    Met this lovely lady years ago

      and have heard nothing but

       amazing things about

         this crazy ride.

So much better than a    

              boring limo

and much more reasonably priced.

     Can't wait for our next

       party on wheels!"

-Diana Ervin