Private Parties

Celebrate YOUR Special Day

Up to 14 people

FREE Water & Ice

Unlimited Mileage

Unlimited Stops

$69 per hour.

Event TRAMsportation

PARTY Tram for public or private parties

Up to 14 people


5 hours

Public TRAMsportation

Scheduled Locations.

Public Events

One Way

Up to 5 Miles

$5 each

Private Events

Building your own the event is simple!

Fill out the contact us form for text over your information:
678-829-5268 (678–8AZ–JAM8)

Or, book directly from our Facebook page:

Public Events

The JAM Tram accommodates a wide variety of public events, any one of any age can hop on board and enjoy a fun and unique ride for $5!

Ride share in a party bus is one-of-a-kind to the JAM Tram. We cover festivals, concerts, city events, road trips and much more!

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Or email us your request for an event

Get a quote for a private event or get information on a public event